No-Brand Nudo

About Me

Sal Nudo

Writer and Communications Specialist


Sal Nudo is the author of several books and has written numerous articles for various publications including Illinois Alumni magazine and the Mahomet Citizen newspaper. He has also written extensively for Smile Politely.

Nudo was the third-place recipient in 2015 of the Marian and Barney Brody Creative Feature Article Writing Award in Journalism from the College of Media at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He earned a master’s degree in journalism in 2016 from the same college.

His novella, The Newspaperman, was selected as a Book Excellence Award Finalist by Literacy Excellence Incorporated and received the October 2018 Literary Titan Book Award (5 Gold Stars).

Nudo is also a 2019 National Novel Writing Month winner.


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